Nina Robinson is a documentary influenced portrait photographer. Her work is a mixture of all of her past experiences, bridging documentary, personal, and fine art.  She began her photography career shooting for The Reporter in Vacaville, CA. Going freelance, Robinson had the freedom to pursue her interest in portraiture, often photographing musicians and music groups. Six years ago, as she became more interested in documentary photography, she moved to New York.  In her current work, Robinson examines issues in underrepresented communities, aiming to break the visual prejudices of race, class, and age. She has been published in New York Times, American Photo magazine, Lens Culture, Wall Street Journal and has exhibited at the Bronx documentary center. Robinson teaches a phototherapy program at the William Hodson Senior Center, where, through the use of photography, older residents are able to openly explore personal and social issues. She is a member of the Bronx Photo League, a collective of documentary photographers in the South Bronx.  
Robinson is based in the South Bronx and Arkansas.





646-247-7793 or 646-543-3047